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Fine Dining Among City Lights

The hotel restaurant has delicious, sumptuous local selection Thai dishes that allow you to eat while you take in the sunset over the cityscape.


Welcome to "The Moments Rooftop Bar" at Sora Hotel Silom: Discover Our Rooftop Bar and Restaurant
Experience the allure of a sophisticated rooftop bar and restaurant where culinary wonders blend seamlessly. "The Moments" at Sora Hotel Silom captivates with its enticing amalgamation of Thai, Japanese, and International cuisines, destined to enchant both local connoisseurs and global wanderers seeking exceptional gastronomic adventures within Bangkok's heart.
Distinguished by a steadfast commitment to offering abundant portions at accessible prices, The Moments Rooftop Bar redefines value by ensuring an exceptional dining affair without compromise. Our endeavor is to deliver an unforgettable culinary odyssey where taste and quantity harmonize flawlessly. Amidst the captivating rooftop milieu, indulge in a symphony of delectable dishes while immersing yourself in panoramic vistas of Bangkok's vibrant cityscape.
We are thrilled to announce the unveiling of The Moments at Sora Hotel Silom. As our doors open to the public, we extend a warm invitation to epicurean enthusiasts, locals, and tourists alike, to partake in an extraordinary gastronomic expedition that promises to linger in your memories.


Don’t miss a wind down in our cafe. Open for your 7am – 10am daily. Proundly present Thianess. We are ready to serve you complimentary snacks and refreshing, virgin beverages. Our best dishes highly recommended by our chef selection we listed below for you to savour. Enjoy a new tasty dish every day of the week.


To make a bottle service inquiry for SORA DINING please fill out the form and one of our team members will contact you promptly for availability. Submission of form does not guarantee reservation. To speak with a receptionist please call (+66) 2 233 4442 or email us at [email protected] for more information.



Seating is first come first serve daily from 10:00 AM ‌- 10:00 PM.